Potty Training Guide

Potty training can be a nightmare if you are doing it wrong. This is especially true if you are training a child that is not really ready to be potty trained. This can be very frustrating and ultimately, you are only wasting your time and causing trauma to the kid.

Before potty training, there are signs that you should look out for to see if your child is ready. Here they are:

  • When your child shows some interest in using the toilet
  • When your child shows some sign when he or she is about to go number 1 or 2
  • When your child doesn’t like it when he/she’s wearing a soiled diaper
  • When your child can speak tries his hardest to communicate to you that he wants to use the toilet

How to Start Potty Training

When your child is ready, the first thing that you have to do is to buy a potty chair. These chairs will help your child when they are using the toilet so that they won’t fall in. This will make them comfortable and take away any anxiety that they might fall in.

You have to be patient as potty training will require a lot of time and patience. Don’t get frustrated with your child as this will not help and will only hinder the training process.

Have your child sit on the potty chair regularly so that they will get used to it. Do it during the times that they are likely to urinate or have a bowel movement so that they can remember. At first, and even long after you started the training, there are times where they may sit on there for a long time but will show no result. This is normal and you should expect this.

If sitting on the potty is not fruitful, don’t worry about and more importantly, don’t scold or show disappointment towards your child. This can have negative effects on their psyche.

If, however, they urinate or go number 2 using the potty, do everything that you can to show your child that you are proud. Hugging or kissing, praising them, giving them treats, etc. is an effective way of encouraging them to use the potty regularly.

Consider buying training pants

Training pants are very useful during the potty training process. These pants are used during daytime and diapers are used when they are asleep. Training pants can encourage the child to use the potty and because they have plastic covers, they will prevent accidents from spilling all over your house.

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