Smart Investments – An Adjustable Bed?

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Is an adjustable bed a smart investment? They can be very expensive, especially for top of the line models, but are they worth it?

Adjustable beds have been growing in popularity in recent years and this due to the superior level of comfort that they can provide when you sleep. A couple of decades ago, you can only find adjustable beds in hospitals or health institutions but now, availability is widespread. Anyone can buy an adjustable bed and if you can afford it, I suggest that you at least take a look and consider buying one.

We’ve had an adjustable bed for over 3 years now and I must say, it is one of the best purchases that we have ever made. It made the whole sleeping experience better in all areas. We no longer wake up with back pain, or any pain in any area of the body. We sleep soundly due to how comfortable the bed is and any other activity like watching TV, reading a book, etc., have been easier by adjusting the bed to our liking.

Pros and Cons

Adjustable beds will have advantages and disadvantages when compared to traditional beds. Here are some of my personal findings regarding the pros and cons.


  • Superior Comfort

One of the biggest advantages of having an adjustable bed is the ability to adjust the bed to your liking in order to get the most comfortable sleeping position. Having an adjustable bed allows you to improve your sleeping position so that you won’t have any aches and pain when you wake up. It also relieves pressure off pressure areas while you sleep so that your muscles are relaxed while you sleep.

  • Health Benefits

If you have health issues that are sleep related such as heartburn/GERD, chronic back pain, snoring, sleep apnea and other problems, an adjustable bed can be of great help. Me, personally, I have back pain. Upon consulting with my doctor, he recommended to change our mattress and if we can afford it, get an adjustable bed. Ever since then, my condition improved.

Of course, this will not be the case for other people that suffer back pain because the cause of their health problem may be different from mine. However, if we do have the same problem, then an adjustable bed can help you just like it did me.

  • Chilling Out

Relaxation has been phenomenal since getting an adjustable bed. Watching TV or reading just before going to sleep has been very relaxing and it can all be attributed to the bed that easily adjusts position to whatever activity you are doing.

  • Marriage/Partnership Effect

One of the things that we (my husband and I) found out once we were married was that we have very different preferences when it comes to mattresses. I like my mattress to be firm while my husband likes it soft because he mostly sleeps on his side. This was an issue, albeit a minor one, the whole time we were married and we just compromised by getting a medium firm bed.

Once we got an adjustable bed, the issue that we had with differing preferences just vanished and I wish we could have just had an adjustable bed right from the start. Being able to have different positions while we sleep has been great and I believe that it actually strengthened our marriage.


  • Price

Well, this is not surprising. An adjustable bed is very expensive and with the way it is constructed and the comfort that it will give you, this should be expected. We paid around $2,000 for ours and if I am being perfectly honest, I would gladly pay double if I needed to buy one again.

  • Mechanical

Since these are mechanical with a lot of parts that are moving, failure can be an issue. A lot of moving parts mean that some of them will give out someday and this can be very frustrating and costly. Fortunately for us, we haven’t had issues yet and I’m hoping that it will stay that way for a very long time. However, I am also not naive to think that this bed will be in perfect condition forever. I expect that it will fail sometime in the future and we are prepared for it.

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